About Us To Our Customers

“Positive Recognition” ensures that JCS will strive to deliver services that are second to none and consistently meet or exceed industry standards of quality. Delivery of those services exemplifies our loyalty and demonstrates respect for the needs and goals of our customers.

To Our Competitors

“Positive Recognition” assures delivery of our services at competitive, yet profitable rates. Recognition of challenging competition and ever-rising industry standards compels JCS to build upon its tradition of quality in a manner that promotes continued long-term success.

To Our Vendors

“Positive Recognition” dictates reliance on JCS to conduct an effective partnership that promotes quality products and services to our customers. Conversely, our vendors can hold partnership with JCS to those same high operational standards. The success of those partnerships requires consistent cost effectiveness and efficiency in order to establish and maintain benefits of mutual profitability.

To Our Employees, Their Families, and the Families of Our Customers

“Positive Recognition” requires JCS to deliver on its commitment to the safety and well-being of personnel working on company projects and while utilizing company equipment. This commitment to them is our utmost priority. We acknowledge recognition of, and are indebted to, our employees for professional performance in their role as visible ambassadors to our customers and community. We additionally recognize the contribution of our first–line supervisors in their roles as key leadership representatives for our workforce.

For Our Community

“Positive Recognition” dictates continued support of economic growth in the community. JCS remains dedicated to demonstration of responsible corporate citizenship through promotion of civic improvement, charities, effective government, community health, and education. JCS acknowledges its continued gratefulness to the community for the success derived from providing services conducive to its growth and development.

To Our Management

“Positive Recognition” necessitates JCS to employ personnel whose education, abilities, and leadership capabilities will be the constant upon which the structure of success will continue to be built. Our management team has to be resolute in the acknowledgement and understanding of the diverse needs of our employees and customers and must demonstrate knowledgeable leadership, unwavering commitment, and dedication to the success of our employees, customers, vendors, community, and company.

JCS must continue to invest in the latest equipment and technology that will tangibly contribute to the continued success of the company and its employees while continuing to attract, develop, and retain talented personnel. JCS must tirelessly expand its horizons by venturing into new territories, relationships, markets, and services, and vows to challenge the status quo through continued adaptation to the changing market and business environment. JCS must remain aligned and focused as a united team in order to succeed and must steadfastly adhere to the belief that our services reflect dedication and commitment to our beliefs. The combined effect of “Positive Recognition” is the continued success of our employees, their families, our community, our competition, vendors, and JCS.